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A note about couples counselling - which I do not offer

Please note that I can offer one-to-one support for individual clients who are going through relationship problems, but I do not offer couples counselling.

You will be able to find a couples counsellor on BACP Find a Therapist and Counselling-Directory (these links will open in a new tab or new window on your browser).

The BACP advises that “therapeutic work with a couple is more complex and challenging than simply having an extra person in the room might suggest”. You are therefore advised to consult with a counsellor who has undertaken a specific high-level training in this area of work (at least a one-year training course).

Sometimes, though, people prefer to work through their relationship difficulties on their own. This can be stand-alone work, or as a precursor to doing couples work later. Sadly, some people find that their partner is unwilling to take part in therapy work, and so they choose to come for counselling on their own.

Relationship Problems

Clearly, a marital or relationship difficulty will cause pain and disappointment for one or more partners. If children are also involved, then they can become a focus of the conflict, leading to guilty feelings. A hoped-for future together may suddenly be doubted or seem less attractive. Problems of this nature can trigger other problems for the people concerned, such as anxiety, depression, lack of sleep etc. They can also affect a person's functioning in other areas, such as at work, or other relationships (e.g. friends/family).

Support for individual clients with relationship problems

Counselling can give you a supportive relationship and time to talk through how you feel about your relationship, and what might be going wrong. You can also clarify what you would like to be different about the relationship, and what might need to change between you and your partner to make this happen. Often, communication difficulties between partners are highlighted, and the therapy can help you to reflect on how you can improve this. Problem behaviours can be addressed and more appropriate conduct can be learnt and encouraged.

Please feel free to get in touch, using the contact information at the top of this page, if you would like to talk more about how counselling could help you.

Please note that I am currently on an indefinite career break, and will be unavailable until further notice.
If you wish to find a counsellor, please visit BACP Find a Therapist or Counselling-Directory (these links will open in a new tab or new window on your browser).

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Posted: 28 Aug 2017. Modified: 13 Aug 2018.


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