Specific Presenting Problems in Counselling

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Specific Presenting Problems in Counselling

This series of pages gives guidance about how counselling works with specific presenting problems.

Counselling for Depression

We all go through disappointments in life, and it is normal to feel down sometimes. However, if a low mood persists for a significant period of time, and interferes with people’s ability to get on with their lives, then it may be thought of as depression.

Depression takes various forms. Common signs include feeling numb or empty or, on the contrary, overemotional. People might lack self-esteem or feel that life seems pointless. Sometimes, people suffer such heavy depressions that they have suicidal thoughts.

Counselling can help you to overcome depression, by helping you to understand the processes and events that trigger your low mood, and by challenging any negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

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Counselling for Anxiety

People can feel anxious because of various life events, such as getting married, getting divorced, being made redundant, flying in a plane etc.

Counselling can give you space to talk about your worries, allowing you to ‘let off steam’. It can help you to develop insight into the origins of your anxiety, and become more mindful of your negative beliefs.

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Counselling for Bereavement and Loss

Bereavement is one of the most upsetting things we can suffer in life. We can also go through strong loss feelings when faced with other life events, such as relationship break-ups or divorce. Sometimes, the natural mourning process is interrupted or avoided, meaning that people do not fully work through their pain.

Counselling helps you to talk through the grief feelings which you are suffering and adjust to a new life without the deceased person.

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Counselling for Relationship Problems

Marital or relationship difficulties can cause pain, low mood and stress for those involved. I can offer one-to-one support for individual clients who are going through relationship problems (but I do not offer couples counselling).

Counselling helps you to explore how you feel about your relationship, and what might be going wrong. You can discuss what you want to be different about the relationship, and what can make this happen.

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Posted: 28 Aug 2017. Modified: 13 Aug 2018.


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