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Please note that I am currently on an indefinite career break, and will be unavailable until further notice.
If you wish to find a counsellor, please visit BACP Find a Therapist or Counselling-Directory (these links will open in a new tab or new window on your browser).

How can I get in touch with you, or arrange an appointment for counselling?

If you require further information, or want to arrange a meeting, you can telephone or e-mail me. Please visit my “Get in Touch” page for further information.

If you telephone at a time when I am with a client, then you will get my answer machine. Please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can (usually on the same day as you call).

What happens when I make a telephone call for further information, or to book my first counselling session?

I appreciate that it can be daunting to make the first step when you are first thinking of having counselling. I would like to assure you of an understanding and respectful response if you choose to contact me.

During this initial telephone call, we can make a start on discussing your needs from counselling, and I can answer any questions which you have about counselling.

After the telephone call, if you have decided that you would like to come for an initial meeting, I will also send you a letter or e-mail giving further information, and confirming the date and time of your appointment for an initial meeting of 50 minutesí length.

What can I do if I want to discuss my concerns with you in between my counselling sessions?

When we begin work together, we agree to meet on a once-weekly basis, for a fifty-minute session. Normally, a client will only need to get in touch for business reasons, for example, when changing an appointment time.

I appreciate though that clients sometimes experience strong feelings in between sessions. This could be because of an emergency, or because your feelings seem impossible to deal with on your own. Clients may then feel a need to speak to their counsellor in between sessions and, as a result, write to or telephone their counsellor.

Because of the boundaries which we have agreed for our working relationship, and also because of my busy schedule, I am unlikely to be able to reply to your letter or telephone call straight away. I appreciate that this may cause difficult feelings for you, or a sense of being rejected. It is most helpful if you try to work through your difficult feelings alone, and we can then discuss your concerns at our next session.

However, in very unusual circumstances, such as emergencies, I could offer you a telephone discussion of 20 minutesí length. I will ask you to pay for the time on a pro-rata basis. This is on condition that such a service is used for emergencies only, that you do not call at unsocial hours, and that you also respect my personal boundaries and need for free time.

Writing a letter can be a useful way to cope with your feelings and thoughts until we next meet. I will not be able to reply if you choose to post the letter to me, but I will bring your letter to our next session, and we can discuss what you have written then.

What happens if a counsellor and a client meet in public?

The relationship between a counsellor and a client is a professional relationship, with boundaries in place to protect the client, and so there can be no other contact between us other than as client and counsellor. If we meet accidentally outside the therapy room, I will acknowledge you in a brief and friendly manner, unless you express your wish not to be acknowledged.

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Posted: 27 September 2016. Last modified: 13 April 2018, 13 August 2018.


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